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Tomasz Andel
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♦ ♠ ♣ ♥ Current
⚁ NOW Kdb+ (K/Q) engineering. Functional languages. Markets analysis.
Performance improvements in Service Oriented Architecture. Custom mallocs including: google tcmalloc, lockless and facebook jemalloc.
Metamorphic code.
Interested in black holes and gravitational lensing effect. R&D over data transformation in Information Processes.
OTHER High Frequency Trading Internals, Black Box Trading. Data Mining and Data Analysis from ESA Earth Observation Missions. Rockets & Space.
CODE F# ray tracer. Some fun software Hammond Island (ActiveX .ocx or simple VB6.0 installation as software is quite old..). Package include also project documentation. Generic ecosystem with evolution on Jurassic Park Island ;-)
ML Mind Vision emotions auto annotation. Some results (pl) from various NN.
VIRI Some Viri doc (pl) and doc dump to presentation (pl).
OLD STUFF More random not tested and mostly old and ugly stuff you can find HERE.
Astronomy & Physics
GRAVITATIONAL LENSING Basic 3D gravitational lensing simulator enginee. You can find it HERE. Implemented in C++/OpenGL. Its quite limited, and enginee is based on photon tracking simulation.
OBSERVATIONS Phenomena in atmosphere. Short videos: brocken, green flash, glory. Sky objects and HERE some observational notes (in polish). Moreover constellation names in latin, program for practicing. FITS data: HERE you can find some of my samples from observational sessions in Białków Observatory including M101, M109, M44, M51, M53, M63, M82, M97.
More about me
SPORT freediving and spearfishing. I enjoy eating after hunting. Some photos HERE.
PHOTOS Travel and work photos available HERE.
BUSINESS Clothing brand andells.com. 'Universum' - webcomic: e-emigranci.pl. Longevity dna lab life1.me and crypto muzible.com
CONTACT Catch me on fb or drop me an email.
Books worth reading
Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers is a must for all C++11 coders
C++ Concurrency in Action by Anthony Williams
→ Try also Herb Sutter books and Scott Meyers, both authors are worth your time and money
→ Discrete mathematics, try Concrete Mathematics by GKP
→ Time Models ? Stochastic Calculus II but firstly check out Stochastic Calculus I and recap all your statistical knowledge
→ A Bible CLRS
An Introduction to the Analysis of Algorithms by Robert Sedgewick and Philippe Flajolet.. but its not for humans, beware!
→ Astronomy Bible Introduction to Modern Astrophysics called BOB (Big Orange Book)
Links worth checking
Herb Sutter and his C++ GOTW
Scott Meyers a must for all C++ programmers
Astronomy Picture of the Day
→ Check out Sun now
Algorithmic Finance journal
→ Database of Microsoft Academic journals
→ Sloane Integer Sequences database
WolframAlpha will compute it for you
→ Spearfishing in France by Spearboy
Broke For Free - Night Owl
Ace Ventura - Paradise Engineering
→ Polish-Russian composer Alosza Awdiejew
Michał Lorenc Polish composer
The Glitch Mob

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.” Richard Feynman